Let Wade answer your questions!

Do you have a question about making your RV or boat look new again?  Let Wade answer your questions about polishing, waxing and cleaning.  Send your emails to AskWade@wademaid.com. Be sure to include make, model and year.  And a photo if you have one.  We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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Cleaning a 1973 Boiler travel trailer’s vintage plexiglass window

foggy plexiplasPhil writes, 

I have a 1973 boiler travel trailer (same as a scamp) with two large plexiglas windows that are a bit fogy and scratched. Is the any thing you folks have to bring the window back?

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How can I protect my 2011 Aljo from the CA sunshine?

aljo1Nick writes, 

I have a 2011 Aljo trailer that I have never wax before.  My trailer has sat in the California sun its whole life and bakes.  What product do you recommend that would give my Aljo a great shine and protect its finish. 

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Product Samples Why Not?

70310p[1]Debbie’s Question:

Just read about your product.

Do you have a small amount to test or check out?

Where can we buy in San Diego 92120?

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Removing Roof Black Spots

rv spotsNelson writes:

I’m interested in the “Beast Wax product” for my 37 foot Class A RV.

I’m concerned with some black spots ( looks like mold or mildew) on the roof portion above the windshield. I want to wash and wax the coach in order to take it out for the winter. I’ve tried other products without any success. 

I live in Colorado Springs, CO and would be paying shipping for the item so need to know what your guarantee/warranty and return policy is in case I happen not to be satisfied with the product.

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How do I revive my old Palomino Tent Trailer?

97 palominoLinda writes, 

We bought an old pop up that needs work, I would like to clean the canvas to remove any mold spots and saw your product. I was wondering if your Beast Wash would be safe enough for the canvas of a pop up? If you suggest we use it I will take before and after pictures and show you what I hope to be our success story.

 Thank You from Wisconsin!!

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Beware of bad front cap molds!

keystone cougarMike writes, 

I recently purchase a new 2015 24RKSWE Cougar trailer by Keystone from Tacoma RV. I had the Duratain finish put on my exterior, interior and underbelly. I did not receive any information on how to best wash the exterior of my rv with duratain. I want to be able to wash the trailer without taking or off or diminishing the Duratain finish. Can you tell me what I should do and the best product I should use.

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Don’t power wash the inside of your RV!

Cleaning Machine Steve writes, 

My names Steve I’m looking to make a small cleaning machine like this.

Do you have any ideas?

 Small spray pump for carpets, pressure washer for other stuff, water connected by hose or held in jug.

 What do you think?

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How can I bring my 1998 Newmar Mountain Air back to life?

IFMike writes, 

I bought a 1998 NEWMAR Mountain Air 37 foot from my wife’s parents. It has been sitting for 5 years, dirty from farm land dust and rain here in Idaho. I have washed it 2 times with Beast Wash and used Water Spot Killer in areas that needed it. This beast is oxidized real bad. I used your product RV Finish Restorer with a high speed machine, looking better but my question is, I have used a full bottle of Restorer doing 2 coats and it still looks a little faded in spots. Will the wax coat finish the shine or do I need to do restorer 1 more time? Also the decals are faded in spots they bleed as I use the restorer on them any suggestions on this? Sorry I don’t have a photo.

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I love Bug & Animal Remover!


Rodger writes, 

Recently in Missoula, I met Wayde and purchased one of his Road Wave pressure washers.  He gave me some Bug and Animal Remover and I am now sold on your products.  My new to me, Dutchstar, has the Diamond shield on the front, you mention using your wax to help with bugs, what should I use on this Diamond shield?  I have used 303 protectant on my old Mountain Aire  that had the same shield.  Let me know and I will get an order together. 

I enjoy your video’s,  you sure enjoy demonstrating your great products.

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Wade Maid available in Canada

canadian flag 2Aris writes,

Are your products available anywhere in BC, Canada?

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