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Do you have a question about making your RV or boat look new again?  Let Wade answer your questions about polishing, waxing and cleaning.  Send your emails to AskWade@wademaid.com. Be sure to include make, model and year.  And a photo if you have one.  We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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130806 Beast WashDee Asks:

Hi there, in March we bought a brand new 40 ft park trailer and they came out and put your product on it… He did not leave any care information and we need to know what to use when we wash it and what type of sponge or brush…he also put your product on the under neath of our awning and now it has got what looks like mold spots and lots of them…any info would be appreciated!!! Ty, Dee!!


Wade Replies: 

Here is the link to the video and of course to Beast Wash on www.WadeMaid.com!

Beast Wash: http://www.wademaid.com/product_beast_wash.php

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmC6vKL4IdU


                You will want to use a wash brush and bucket to wash your Park Model.  It would be a big job washing with a sponge.   Beast Wash is a great product and obviously I would recommend this product as we make it.  However, your freshly Duratained rig can probably simply be washed with cold water at this time. Avoid washing with Wash and Wax type products as they leave a silicone film that over time will get sticky and attract dirt.

  As far as black spots on your awning.  This is mold and you can’t stop it from growing.  Duratain will resist mold and not allowing the roots to permanently adhere. Wash your awning like I do in our awning video.  Once you have it clean the next time you roll up your awning use a wash brush and apply a 15% bleach/water combination to the bottom of your awning. Let it dry, don’t rinse off, then roll your awning up for storage.   This will prevent mold from forming when your awning sweats in the up position.

I hope this helps,


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Beast Wash/Wade Wax and 303 Removal

wadewaxResponse from Wade-


               Yes the Beast Wash will remove 303.  Your coach may need to be buffed out by machine.  She is 7 years old now and unless she was kept waxed every 3 months or under cover. you may have some prep work to do before waxing.  Your vinyl graphics that have gone bad cannot be brought back.  Vinyl is not final! Vinyl graphics have a 3 to 5 year life span, so it sounds like your rig has been taken care of.  You can test your finish with the Wade Wax.  Try a test spot a 3X4 square, using the product as we do in our videos.  If your rig looks streaky I want you to try another test area but this time do not let the product dry.  So use a applicator to applying the product, before it dries take dry towels and polish the product off not allowing it to soak into the finish.  You will have to experiment with the amount of product used as tempter and humidity will affect the dry time.  

If this trick doesn’t work than you will need to machine buff your rig with our RV Finish Restorer with Wax.

 Let me know,


Here is the link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcIW03pVXAI

Great Question from Adam-


Coach in question is a 2008 Carriage Cameo 35′.  Trying to take the easy way out, I was persuaded into using 303 aerospace protectant after washing.  The protectant was applied on the front cap (nose) and midway on the curb side to the door.  To my dismay, the next morning after a heavy dew, the areas treated looked horrible.  The decals are in good shape except for the gold decals.  Out of the 3 colors of decals, the gold have faired the worst so not sure if anything would help them.  Anyway, I just ordered the Beast Wash and Wade Wax. I feel the coach is in good to excellent condition with exception of the gold decals mentioned.  Will the beastwash be sufficient to remove the 303 and then go ahead with the wade wax upon completion??  At least I did a somewhat relatively small area if that is not the case.  Your help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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Which Wade Maid products will help me get the shine back on my 2007 Four Winds Chateau?

2007 Four Winds ChateauDanny writes, 

I have a Four Winds Chateau 2007 model 31′. The finish must be a gel coat and I’d like to get the shine back if possible without killing myself. 

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Duratain dealer having problems removing coating

new truck wrap passRick from Giant Recreation World in Ormond Beach writes, 

I am in the process of installing LED lighting under the awning of a customer’s rv. Duratain was applied prior to delivery. The lighting installs with 3M double sided tape, which of course will not adhere to Duratain. What can I use to clean the product off without damaging the paint? It’s only a ½ inch wide strip 16 feet long. Body solvent and Xylene have been unsuccessful.

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How much do I dilute Beast Wash to clean my 2011 Outback?

2011 Outback 312bhMark writes, 

I’ve watched all your videos. But I’m wondering, do I  need to dilute the Beast Wash or do I use it full strength? Or do I just add some to a bucket of water? Or does the product come with these instructions? My rv is a 2011 Outback 312bh . I just bought it last fall. I’ve got it pretty clean. But I was looking to use your product to try n get the roof and awning a littler cleaner. And will probably end up using it on the whole rv. Any advice is welcomed!!! 

Thanks for your time and hope to hear back!

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How do I clean up my Keystone camper with Wade Maid products?

dirty awningJohn writes, 

I recently purchased this Keystone camper. I had to get a new awning. I live in South Louisiana. It has a film of dirt and, i guess, mildew from the weather, how and what should I use to clean and keep it clean ?

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Is Beast Wash safe to use on my 2003 Sea Ray?

2003 sea rayEric writes, 

I use the Beast Wash on my travel trailer, and it works great!  I have a 2003 Sea Ray fiberglass boat.  Is Beast Wash safe for the boat?

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Will Wade Maid fix my scrape?

scrapeMary writes, 

Do any of your products even touch this kind of scrape? I’m embarrassed to send you this photo, but got to start somewhere? 

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How do I get rid of the black streaks on my 1998 Mallard?

1998 mallard panelPaul writes, 

I have a 98 mallard 40 foot trailer. We have tried every supposed black streak cleaner the RV stores can offer. The closest to clean we’ve gotten this thing is with fantastic of all sprays. But even then the elbow grease is simply too much and we give up.

 Needless to say this is new roof year and I’d like to get her all shiny for the season. Would you put your money where your mouth is and offer a money back guarantee? I’m tired of throwing away hundreds of dollars for nothing :)

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Can Wade Maid products be used with a pressure washer?

2002 georgetownEric writes, 

 I have watched your demo’s on the cleaning of an RV. I have a 2002 Georgetown and was wondering since you don’t seem to need to scrub in your product can it be applied with a pressure washer or a liquid dispensing hose adapter instead of using a burch?

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