Let Wade answer your questions!

Do you have a question about making your RV or boat look new again?  Let Wade answer your questions about polishing, waxing and cleaning.  Send your emails to AskWade@wademaid.com. Be sure to include make, model and year.  And a photo if you have one.  We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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What do you recommend for rejuvenating for my 1967 Glastron?

1967 glastronBrendt writes, 

I have a 1967 Glastron fiberglass boat that I would like to clean both the hull and windshield.  Which of your products would you recommend?

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How do I fix the front cap on my 2013 Heartland North Trail?

heartland2Ken writes, 

I have a 2013 Heartland North Trail with fiberglass sides. The sides and rear  appear to be gel coat, but the front is different. I can use auto polish on the front and it improves the fade but doesn’t last but a couple of weeks. There are also some decals on the front. The gel coat is fine but the front is faded. Please advise. 

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Does Beast Wash come in a smaller size?

productMark writes, 

Do you sell a smaller container so I can test this on my RV?   Just would hate to spend $35.99 to find out that the product does not work.

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Will bleach affect the finish or graphics on our RV?

bleachingLarry writes, 

My wife and myself just watched the video on the awning cleaner using a bleach solution. Our question is, will the bleach solution hurt the finish or the stripes on the side of our trailer?

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What products will help my 2012 Jay Feather Ultra Lite?

jay feather ultra liteAl writes, 

I have a Jay Feather Ultra Lite 2012 trailer.   It has a smooth finish, likely an aluminum with gel coat finish. The problem is that even the lightest brush of the branch can cause surface scratches.  You can’t even see them directly, but on an angle look and in the sun you see them.  Maybe the wax is rubbed off or part of the gel coat.  The guy at the dealership was no help.

 Your video suggests that your product rubbed on should work.  What do you think. 

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How do I clean my Superman Sponge?

99-015-superman spongeGeorge writes, 

When I bought Wade Wax, I also bought a sponge you suggested that has worked great, as does your product.  Now that I am done, how do I clean the sponge?

Thank you

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Can Wade Maid products remove sap?

pine treesPatrick writes,

Will any of your products work on pine sap?

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Duratain customer returns for more!

Jason and Leanne write,

Just wanted to drop a note to thank you for having Duratain applied to our horse trailer and also our truck. As you know, from the past, we fully believe and can see the benefits of the Duratain products. We want you to know that Tanner did a great job and we will now enjoy our truck and trailer even more for the years to come.

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What can I use to clean the plexiglass windows on my 1966 Cessna 310?

1966 Cessna 310Dane writes, 

I have a 1966 Cessna 310 with cloudy plexi windows  The pilot-side is the worst, parked in the same spot for too many years I think. I’ve tried all manner of different things – even using aircraft fuel with a vibrating buffer – which actually seemed to help! Anyway – there must be a solution…  Can you help?

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How can I get glue off my RV after removing decals?

flaking decalDan writes, 

My decals are curling and breaking off.  There is a residue that remains on my camper wall. I plan to remove the decals completely with a heat gun, but I’m not sure how to best remove the sticky residue.  

Do you have any suggestions or product that can help me with this challenge?

 I recently bought your Beast Wash and Restorer but have not had the opportunity to try them out yet.  I’m looking forward to using them and getting my 5th wheel back to looking respectable once again.

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