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  • For use at facilities that will not allow RV washing
  • Easy to use without scratching
  • A "dry wash" and wax that leaves a clean rich finish
  • FAST, trigger on wipe off

Spit Shine is the next generation of "Waterless Washes"! While most products in the category recommend only "lightly soiled" units for cleaning, our formula is a true grit and grime remover! This product is as thick as we could make it and still have it spray. That's because we loaded it up with as much dirt entrapping Emulsifiers and wax as we could fit in a bottle. Emulsifiers entrap dirt and lift it away ensuring you don't scratch your finish. We also infused a blend of polymers and carnauba wax that will provide gloss, and a month of protection, without leaving a greasy finish that attracts dirt!!

For Best Results: Spray onto a dirty RV. Use a damp terrycloth towel or mop to spread product and lift dirt. Next polish to an amazing luster with a large Microfiber towel. Use on plastic, rubber trim and glass for a like-new finish.

TIP: Keep a bucket of water on hand to rinse the dirt out of your damp cloth or mop. Spraying on too much product will waste product and make your job harder. Work a 4x4 area, then move on. Works great on your boat, car, dirty plane, or in your shower!

"Spit Shine" Waterless Wash And Instant Wax

Item #99-170 64oz.

Waterless RV Wash & Wax

Ok, so I am a little excited in this take, but Spit Shine is so unique and fun to use! We have made a true RV Waterless Wash, notice its thickness and how when sprayed it clings to the coach side wall without dripping all over the place.

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