Can Wade Maid products be used with a pressure washer?

Eric writes, 

I have watched your demo’s on the cleaning of an RV. I have a 2002 Georgetown and was wondering since you don’t seem to need to scrub in your product can it be applied with a pressure washer or a liquid dispensing hose adapter instead of using a burch?

Wade replies, 

I will assume you are talking about either our Beast Wash or our Bug and Animal Remover.  Both products can be used with a dispenser. You would need to adjust the dilution ratio depending on how dirty your rig is.  This will get the product on the RV however you will still need to wash it with a brush.

Eric writes back, 

Thank you for the information. One other question do you have any locations or distributors in Minnesota?

Wade replies back, 

We don’t have any Wade Maid Distributors in MN.  Coats RV in Minneapolis is a Duratain dealer and can order the product for you if you don’t want to order the products on line.