How do I get rid of the black streaks on my 1998 Mallard?

Paul writes, 

I have a 98 mallard 40 foot trailer. We have tried every supposed black streak cleaner the RV stores can offer. The closest to clean we’ve gotten this thing is with fantastic of all sprays. But even then the elbow grease is simply too much and we give up.

Needless to say this is new roof year and I’d like to get her all shiny for the season. Would you put your money where your mouth is and offer a money back guarantee? I’m tired of throwing away hundreds of dollars for nothing :)


Wade replies, 

It sounds like your Mallard has an aluminum skin with the “Care free finish.”  This finish is not a smooth glossy finish but a bumpy one.  It’s a tough finish, however it loves to collect dirt and grime.  As it ages it gets harder and harder to clean.  You may try some rubbing compound by hand and see if that removes the stains.  Yes, our Beast Wash should work however it sounds like you will need to use it full strength and you run the risk of damaging your graphics.  No, I will not put my money where my mouth is.  There are just to many variables.

Paul writes back, 

That is unfortunate. I’ve attached a picture of my problem thoughts?  How much to ship a sample, say a quart, of your product to Canada to test it? Putting a new roof on soon, so would be nice to find something to give it one last clean – the new roof won’t oxidize.

Wade replies back, 

Looks like dirt streaking.  Something this bad may require compound as I had suggested trying.  First, I would give her a good Beast bath with the soap almost full strength. Then, I would go over the unit with our RV Finish Restorer with Wax and remove any streaks that are left. You will have to do this by hand and not machine.  Yes, it’s a big job, but once you have the old girl back in shape you can just keep her washed as needed.  We don’t have samples and shipping into Canada is expensive!  We have no mark up or control over the shipping.

It is what it is.