Will Wade Maid fix my scrape?

Mary writes, 

Do any of your products even touch this kind of scrape? I’m embarrassed to send you this photo, but got to start somewhere?

Wade replies, 

Don’t be embarrassed, posts often jump out and hit RVs! It’s a phenomenon that baffles scientists.  Now can we get the posts damage to removed or at least look better?  It will depend if the scrape is on top of the paint or if the paint has been removed.  If the scratch is the same color as the post that jumped into your compartment door than it’s a surface scuff that can be removed by buffing with our RV Finish Restorer with Wax.  However, if your RVs paint has been removed than you will need to repaint the door or only look at it during the night with a stiff drink in hand.   Often times RVrs try parking their rigs with  a stiff drink in hand. This can attract posts, trees and other items that jump into RVs. So I only suggest the stiff drink at night when parked!

I would also recommend having a professional buff this out.  Unless you are good with a power buffer?  What state and town are you in? I may be able give you a recommendation.

Thanks for sharing


Mary writes back, 

Thanks for the reply. The damage had nothing to do with a “stiff drink”  of any sort. I was concentrating very hard on not hitting something on the right side, and missed seeing soon enough what was on my left. We live about 15 miles west of Spokane, Washington. Have you any recommendations in this area?