How much do I dilute Beast Wash to clean my 2011 Outback?

Mark writes, 

I’ve watched all your videos. But I’m wondering, do I  need to dilute the Beast Wash or do I use it full strength? Or do I just add some to a bucket of water? Or does the product come with these instructions? My rv is a 2011 Outback 312bh . I just bought it last fall. I’ve got it pretty clean. But I was looking to use your product to try n get the roof and awning a littler cleaner. And will probably end up using it on the whole rv. Any advice is welcomed!!!

Thanks for your time and hope to hear back!

Wade replies, 

The correct answer is?!  All of the above!  Your dilution will depend on how dirty your rig is. Since your rig has a rubber roof, your first step is to wash the roof with a bleach Beast Wash mix, if possible using a power washer. The bleach will kill the mold .  Wash your roof on a cloudy, damp day and don’t let the soap run down the sides of your rig and dry.  This can leave streaks and damage your graphics.  Your second step will be to clean the awning.  Mop a Bleach Beast Wash solution on your awning than role it up and let it set for ten to fifteen minutes. During this time wash the other sides of your rig using just Beast Wash, no bleach. After the time is up, open your awning and rinse your solution off.  It is not necessary to use a power washer when cleaning the awning.  If the awning is still looking moldy make a another batch of solution and repeat. Remember to rinse any solution off the awning side of your rig before it dries.  After you are happy with your awning than wash the awning side of your rig.  When you are done washing the rig, open your awning to let it dry before storing it.  Last, and possibly the most important step. Open a lawn chair and place it under the awning.  This will allow you to sit down with your favorite drink  and watch your awning dry…

You will need the rest.