Duratain dealer having problems removing coating

Rick from Giant Recreation World in Ormond Beach writes, 

I am in the process of installing LED lighting under the awning of a customer’s rv. Duratain was applied prior to delivery. The lighting installs with 3M double sided tape, which of course will not adhere to Duratain. What can I use to clean the product off without damaging the paint? It’s only a ½ inch wide strip 16 feet long. Body solvent and Xylene have been unsuccessful.

Wade replies, 

I would try acetone, it’s hotter. However, first tape off the area the light strip is to adhere to.  Than use the acetone with 600 grit sand paper to scuff up the area. I know this is an inconvenience for you.  But, I see it as a testimonial that our product is for real and works!

Good luck!

Rick writes back, 

Thanks for the advice. The acetone alone didn’t cut it. It’s definitely a strong product! I taped off a ½ inch strip below the awning rail and used scotchbrite pads with acetone. It was a bit of work, but got it done. If anyone else is trying this it should be noted acetone will melt decals. Trim the decal neatly to ¾ inch below the awning rail before taping off to avoid an even bigger issue… replacing a decal perfectly in the same position so it will stick to the coach!