Which Wade Maid products will help me get the shine back on my 2007 Four Winds Chateau? Posted on May 20, 2015 by Wade

Danny writes, 

I have a Four Winds Chateau 2007 model 31′. The finish must be a gel coat and I’d like to get the shine back if possible without killing myself.

Wade replies, 

You have a lot going on with your Chateau.  Your white areas will buff out well with our RV Finish Restorer with Wax and a buffer.  We sell a kit with everything you need for $99.  However, if you have the silver painted bottom and faded vinyl graphics I doubt that you can bring the color back on these items.  Your silver is a metallic single stage paint and your graphics have a life span of three to five years. Neither item will have enough pigment left to work with if they are badly faded.

So its good news. Bad news.