Brush or Sponge w/ Beast Wash

Dee Asks:

Hi there, in March we bought a brand new 40 ft park trailer and they came out and put your product on it… He did not leave any care information and we need to know what to use when we wash it and what type of sponge or brush…he also put your product on the under neath of our awning and now it has got what looks like mold spots and lots of them…any info would be appreciated!!! Ty, Dee!!


Wade Replies: 

Here is the link to the video and of course to Beast Wash on www.WadeMaid.com!

Beast Wash: https://www.wademaid.com/product_beast_wash.php

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmC6vKL4IdU


You will want to use a wash brush and bucket to wash your Park Model.  It would be a big job washing with a sponge.   Beast Wash is a great product and obviously I would recommend this product as we make it.  However, your freshly Duratained rig can probably simply be washed with cold water at this time. Avoid washing with Wash and Wax type products as they leave a silicone film that over time will get sticky and attract dirt.

As far as black spots on your awning.  This is mold and you can’t stop it from growing.  Duratain will resist mold and not allowing the roots to permanently adhere. Wash your awning like I do in our awning video.  Once you have it clean the next time you roll up your awning use a wash brush and apply a 15% bleach/water combination to the bottom of your awning. Let it dry, don’t rinse off, then roll your awning up for storage.   This will prevent mold from forming when your awning sweats in the up position.

I hope this helps,