Dirty Awning? Clean it Up Wade Maid Style

Jim Writes:


Per your video on cleaning the awning with bleach, Will the bleach lighten the colored portion of the awning? We just purchased a one owner 1999 Damon Daybreak with   A&E 8500 awning and rolled out the awning….  It is stained with brown spots from leaves, and generally dirty, cannot say if there is mold….does not look like it Thought I would ask.   Thank You for a response in advance

Best Regards

Jim T in Darrington, WA.

Wade Replies:


Cleaning an awning can be frustrating at best.  Your awning fabric is white vinyl with a portion of it colored. Diluted bleach, unless misused will not harm these areas.  If you are dealing with sap the bleach will have little effect.  Beast Wash will clean the dirt and bleach will remove most stains. However pitch and damp leaves that may have gotten rolled up in a stored awning for an extended time can permanently stain.