To Duratain or Not to Duratain; We Think There’s No Question!!

Bob Writes:


I have a new 2015 Winnebago trailer and I’m a clear freak. I have been looking for a good product for the fiberglass sides. I went to a new dealer in my area and they offered to have your crew come out and do my trailer. But the more I look I think all I need is to keep it waxed. I clean it each time I use it but the bugs are making spots on the front. I use 303 on the roof and awning but want something better on the sides. I have looked on you tube and like what I see about product but I don’t need the full deal with my new trailer. I think I can use you cleaner and wax and do this my self. What is the benefits of having your crew come to my home? I can order your product and do my self. Not to cut you out of a job but I wat it done yearly and I have time on my hands.

Thanks Bob

Wade Replies:


We don’t send crews out to wax trailers but we do have technicians that install our Duratain Coatings. Duratain includes 4 commercial strength RV specific coatings that protect and extend the life of known trouble areas on RVs (www.duratain.com).  You really have to think about how you plan on using your trailer.  Are you planning to keep it long term?  Are you storing it inside? Will you be a road worrier or just an occasional weekend camper?  It sounds like you are willing and able to do the required maintenance.  You see so many RVs on the road with bad finishes and that’s because RV sidewalls need to be waxed every 3 months if kept outside.  Folks just don’t want to do that much maintenance.  A side benefit with Duratain is it reduces your maintenance while protecting your RV, folks really like that!  Another added benefit of Duratain coatings is our 5/10 year warranty and commercial strength, which is why we have our professional tech do the installation and cannot sell it as a product that you apply yourself.

As far as products to clean and wax your Winnebago with, you will want our Beast Wash to clean and our specially formulated Wade Wax. If you are having trouble removing bug splatter order some of our Bug & Animal remover.  The great thing about this product is that it is strong enough to get the bugs off but won’t strip the Wade Wax off.  Be careful when selecting your cleaning/waxing products for your RV because I am not familiar with any other products (other than our own) that are specially formulated/not diluted for all the different types of plastics (FRP), gelcoats, and painted surfaces on your RV.

Even if you do decide to go with Duratain (my recommendation) the products above are still great to have on hand and all are great for use with Duratain treated RV’s.

I hope this helps with your decision.  If you have any more questions about Duratain or Wade Maid products please let me know I am happy to answer them!