Smellin Moldy – Dont Burn It Just Yet!!

Doug Writes:


We have a nice looking Dometic awning that is about 5 years old…. doesn’t smell so nice though.  Strong moldy smell in spite of a thorough cleaning and put away absolutely dry.. with the ends covered and wrapped up tight to keep it dry. When we unrolled it on our camping trip, the mold smell knocked us out.

In the first place I can’t figure out how it got wet and now I am either going to cure the mold smell (very few small mold spots visible) or I am going to rip it off and burn it.

So, whaddya think, your BEAST WASH going to get RID of the mold and smell?


Wade Replies:


I am also in Anacortes this week and Sunday was hot and muggy!  I have some tricks for you regarding your awning.  Vinyl awnings sweat so keeping them dry is next to impossible.   Sounds like your awning is already clean so you won’t need Beast Wash just yet.  You will need to use some bleach.  Dilute 10% Bleach to 90% water you can go stronger if needed. Mop it on one side of the awning, roll it up let it sit for 15 minutes. The solution should transfer to the non-treated side of the vinyl. Then open and rinse the bleach and mold off.  When storing your awning, apply the bleach solution to both sides, let stand until dry, “DO NOT RINSE OFF,” Once dry, roll up your awning.

On your next camping trip you will be the only camper with a mold free, clean smelling awning, no burning necessary.