Is Enough Enough? 32oz Restorer & 28′ Variables

Here’s the video for the RV Restorer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0h6lSEqjWU

Teresa Writes:


Should a 32 oz RV Finish Restorer do a 28’ unit?


Wade Replies:


There are allot of variables in your question.  Temp, humidity, absorption rate, hand or machine, these will all factor in on whether one bottle will be enough.  Yes I have been able to do a 28’ unit with one bottle.  On other 28’ units I have needed 2 bottles of RV Finish Restorer with Wax.

If you plan on buffing out your entire unit, I would suggest using a high speed machine, unless your rig is aluminum sided. Its a lot of work trying to get an even shine out of fiberglass and FRP when doing this job by hand.

Also, the product has wax in it so you won’t need to purchase wax. We have a kit you can purchase that has the restorer and the high speed buffer and the pad.  Here is the link: