Clean that Awning, Shake those Side Wall Willies!!

How to Clean your Awning: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmC6vKL4IdU

Steve Writes:


When washing the awning with beast wash and bleach mixture as per your video, should I be concerned about the run off on my RV sides. My RV is jell coat and paint combined. Should I cover the side of trailer before doing this? I have used your products for a few years and I am satisfied every time I wash my coach.

Thanks for any help.

Steve G.

Wade Replies:


I am glad you have been happy with our products!

You should always be concerned about soap run off on your sidewalls.  I doubt any permanent damage would occur, with the exception to vinyl graphics.  I don’t think you need to tarp off your rig however just be careful.  I don’t recommend trying to clean the outside of a RV on a hot sunny day.  Not only can the soaps get baked into your finish but cooling down a hot side wall is not good for the laminated finish used on most RVs today.

As far as the bleach/Beast Wash solution.  First I would wet down your side wall so if you do drip your solution will be further diluted. Also wash your side wall, just to be safe, after you are all done.

We do this procedure every day without incident so I know you can as well!

Good luck,