26 Footer.. A Truck Load of Wade Wax… Wade Stop Dreaming!!

Conelle Asks:


How many bottles of Wade Wax would I need to order to put the shine on a  26 foot fifth wheel? I have washed and removed the oxidation.


Wade Replies:


I think you will need a tanker truck load!  Now you will only use about 6 OZ of Wade Wax but I don’t make any money just selling a little bottle of the stuff!  Just think about it, you will be the envy of the campground. Your shiny 26’ fifth wheel parked next to a tanker truck full of Wade Wax, heck, I will even signee the tanker truck for you!! Going to a baseball game costs more than a bottle of Wade Wax.. What good is a signed baseball? It just collects dust! But a signed tanker truck full of Wade Wax… that’s rare, my wife won’t even let me have one!

Ok, Ok, sorry for that.  If your rig is in good condition all you will need is one 16oz bottle.  However if your finish is not in good shape Wade Wax will want to soak into your side wall looking for a finish to stick to.  So, it will be easy to use if your finish is in good shape and hard to use if your finish is missing or in bad shape.

Good luck,