Please Don’t Let it Fade Away!!

Sam Writes:


I have a 2014 Jayco White Hawk camper and on the front of the camper the fiberglass is oxidizing. It seems on the Jayco forum that is seems to be a problem with the clear coat not being correct. Jayco is willing to repaint the front under warranty, but I really do not want to repaint the front since the molding will not be removed and you will see the paint line. So my question is will you “The Rejuvenator” work and restore the finish back to my camper?

Thank you for your time to read my email.

Sam B.

Wade Replies:


You most certainly want to take Jayco up on the paint offer!   You have a color infused FRP cap. It will buff out and look nice for about a week, after that it will start bleeding.  Don’t be mad at Jayco, they did not make the material but they are standing behind it.  Many manufactures are NOT..  Painting is the only and best fix for this problem.  I am sure whoever you have do the work will do a good job. If not, that’s your opportunity to play quality control..  Let the new paint cure for thirty to sixty days, then purchase a bottle of our Wade Wax, you need to keep your rig waxed. So run don’t walk and get this painted….