Introducing Vinyl G and the Rejuventor’s New Hit – Ohhh Be Be Be Gone Oxidation

Jim Writes:


Will rejuvenator harm my vinyl graphics?  I own a 2010 Heartland and I want to get rid of the oxidation.


Wade Replies:


Our RV finish rejuvenator with wax will not harm vinyl graphics on its own.  However if you try buffing them with a machine you can burn through them.  So when machine buffing it’s a good idea to tape off the edge of the vinyl with masking tape, I like the blue kind.  This way if you do get a little hot, and burn something it will be the masking tape and not the vinyl graphic. This will also stop the color of the graphic from bleeding into the color of your sidewalls.  If your graphics are bad than there is not much you can do to polish them out and have it last for any length of time.

Hope this helps!