The Roof.. The Roof.. The Roof is….. Moldy??

Grace Writes:

Hi again,

Thank you for the how to. I did watch the video and my friend came and cleaned my carpet so I didn’t have to do it, thankfully.

I have another question about the EPDM roof that is on my 5/W. I’ve attached pictures and I want to know if your product will get off the spots left by the mold. I already washed it and used bleach water 1/10 concentration and it got the roof pretty clean, but not the parts in the pictures.

Will your produce remove these spots?


Wade Replies:


Beast Wash is what you will want to use to clean up your roof.  You can mix bleach with Beast Wash if you still have some mold.  However I think this may be a buildup of sticky tree sap.  To clean this up you will probably need to use Beast Wash with a power Washer.  Remember to let your soaps do their job. You do this by letting the product dwell on the surface.  Do not use any solvent based cleaners like tar remover. Solvents are bad for any membrane material and should only be used by professionals.  Watch our video on power washing.  The roof I am cleaning was fiberglass but the power washing method is the same.

I hope this helps,