Rub’A Dub Dub How Often Does My Duratained Beast Need A Scrub?

Bill Asks:


What do you recommend I use to wash my Duratain coated RV? And how often?


Wade Replies:

Hi Bill-

That is an excellent question!  When we started Duratain Protective coatings we quickly realized that there wasn’t a line of cleaning/maintenance products out there that were designed specifically for the special surfaces (and coatings) on an RV.  They have some that claim they are but when you really read the details it can be used on cars and boats and a whole host of other things but none that say specifically  clean/maintain all thematerials found on RV’s.  So I created some.  I would recommend using our Beast Wash for washing your coach and to wash it as needed.  The great thing about our Beast Wash is that you can make it as strong or a light as you want.  Because it is professional strength it’s going to give you that professional clean.  Please stay away from Wash & Wax products because the silicone in the wash will build up over time on your sidewalls creating a sticky film that attracts dirt. If you find that you have a lot of bug buildup on the front of your coach you can use our Bug and Animal Remover.  Easily melts away those subornmesses.

In the end I guess the simple answer is wash when your RV is dirty!

Hope this helps!