Whoa WinnebagGO WAX STAT!!!

Greg Asks:


Recently purchased a new 2015 Winnebago Minnie Winnie 31KP. So we have auto paint, fiberglass panels and vinyl graphics.  The owners manual recommends washing with water and baby shampoo.  The manual then proceeds to recommend auto wax compatible with painted and gel coated fiberglass…so far so good. BUT then on the graphics says no wax over the graphics.  Seems odd Winnebago won’t offer a list of products for safe use.Your videos indicate we can use your product over all of our surfaces, extremely worried about the graphics, which certainly would be nice!  So confused, certainly don’t want to damage our new Class C.  What products would your recommend and are your products warrantied against causing finish damage?

Thanks much, we have always taken care of our vehicles so not knowing what I can wash, clean and wax is driving me nuts.

Greg T.

Wade Replies:


In today’s world manufactures are worried about giving out advice that may come back and bite them.  Winnebago’s suggestions will probably work fine and get you through the warranty period.  However after your first year Baby Shampoo will not be strong enough to clean any road or environmental contaminates off your rig, but it will smell nice!  As far as waxing,  I would wax all the surfaces mentioned in your email with Wade Wax.  I would not wax your vinyl graphics if they are a satin finish as this will stain them.  However, if your graphics are shiny, glossy and smooth I would definitely wax them.   Your rig should be waxed every 3 months from the time it hit the dealership’s lot..   One bottle of Wade Wax will last you a long time if properly used.  Unfortunately we cannot warranty against finish damage as we have no control over how a customer uses our products.

My guess is your rig has never been waxed, so I would strongly recommend getting out and getting WAXED!