Make it a Family Affair!! Buff that Beast!

Pat Asks:


I’ve been looking at your product videos and it looks like we might really be able to do this by ourselves at home!

We have a 2000, 28 ft., Cedar Creek 5th Wheel.  It has been sitting uncovered in our Florida weather probably it’s whole life but we’ve owned it since 2005.  Sorry to say we’ve never waxed it.  We’ve used an inexpensive wash & wax product when we’ve washed it but that’s it.  It definitely has oxidation on it, no shine and all the color spots and decals are cracked and or faded.  We don’t expect to make it look new again but I would like for it to not embarrass me when we (finally) get to go camping again.  I recently took our unit in to have the awnings replaced and while it was there I was going to have it washed and waxed but it would have cost us about $400.00 to have it done.  THAT motivated my husband to say, “Just get the “wax” and I’ll do it.  We already have a buffer (never been used as yet) with a wool pad.  My son’s girlfriend has one too so I think we can make this a “family affair’ and maybe it won’t seem so overwhelming.

It looks like “The Rejuvenator” is the product we need.  MY QUESTION – How many bottles do you think we will need to do our RV?

Pat R.

Wade Replies:


Thanks for sharing your story with us.  I think two bottles of RV Finish Rejuvenator with Wax and one bottle of Beast Wash will be enough for this job. Yep, I am recommending you first give your rig a good Beast Washing because at this time you have a Dirty Dull Beast!  Beast Wash will help remove surface chalk, mold and other contaminants making your buffing job easier.    I want you to be sure your buffers are high speed and not orbital.  I get allot of calls from upset customers who are trying to use the wrong equipment when buffing out their rigs with our product.  I also get folks arguing the use of a modern foam pad.  I would like to find the foam pad salesman so I can hire him for my team as he has everybody thinking it’s a magical product!  I’m glad you seem to have the proper pads and equipment for this job.  Now, when working with our RV Finish Rejuvenator with Wax, don’t rush.  Temperature and humidity will determine how long you work with the product in the area you are buffing.  Work a 3×4 area, buff until the product is gone and you have a smooth and shiny surface.  If your pad gets gummed up run a screw driver or spur over your pad to clean it.  You can also machine wash the wool pads.  Remember you want the side wall wet with product and your pad dry.  With practice you will get this technique down and find this to be a relatively easy job.

Some last tips.  I would not buff out your vinyl stripes.  I would tape the edges off so you don’t both damage the vinyl and eliminate color bleeding,  pulling color from the vinyl and staining the sidewall.  When you are all done and shiny, don’t wash with soap!  Yep, stay away from soaps, even ours as you will now have a carnauba finish! Carnauba is a plant wax, wax from a Brazilian palm leaf. Its great in your application because it sits on top.  Your finish is just too porous for other waxes. The down side is soaps will remove this wax. So, simply wash with cold water alone! To remove bugs look into our Bug and Animal Remover.  This product will not remove the wax..