We Leighton It Up – Beast Wash to the Rescue

Henry Asks:

Can you recommend an easy cleaner for my Leighton?  The siding is aluminum.

Wade Replies:

Your Leighton is stained pretty badly.  So I don’t think it’s going to be easy but you can clean most of it up.  You will want to wash with Beast Wash.  However you will need to wash the unit using the product “hot.” This means almost full strength.  Be careful not to do this in the sun or let the product run down the sides as it may leave clean streaks in your blue stripes.  If after you wash your rig you still have some stains.  Pore Beast Wash on a damp towel and rub the areas that the streaks remain.  Any streaks that won’t clean off doing this procedure are stained in the finish.  So your next step will be to use our RV finish Rejuvenator with Wax.

Hope this helps!