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Homemade Super Soap Sucker!!

Grace Writes:

Hi Wade,

I don’t have a carpet machine and I live an hour and a half from places that rent them.  Is there a way to clean the carpet in my 5/W without the machine?  And what product should or would I use to do that?

Thank you.


Wade Replies:


Have you seen our video on making your own carpet cleaning machine?  In our video we show you how to use a Wet Dry vacuum.  When cleaning your carpets it’s important to remove the soap.  Often carpet cleaners “extractors” are used improperly by adding soap to the machine. The machine needs to be used to rinse and lift the soap and dirt out of the carpet. Rinsing it important as any soap left in your carpets will attract dirt. Have you ever tried to spot clean your carpets?  You see the dirt spot disappear only to re-appear days later.  This is because your dirt spot is now a soap spot, soap attracts dirt!

I would recommend using our concentrate WOW.  We named it that because our customers say WOW when they use it, “true story.”    WOW was originally formulated as a low residue, soft scented, safe to use leather cleaner.  It’s the product we use at Duratain when we need to clean, carpets, fabrics, vinyl and leather. We also use it full strength to safely remove gum from carpet.

Hope this helps,