Stained and Faded Winnebago Woes


Karla Asks:

Hello!  We purchased a used 2000 Winnebago Adventurer that was not garaged so the exterior looks faded and dull.  The interior ceiling where the large living room slide is at, has water stains.  I hesitate to start using cleaners for fear of setting them.  What products do you recommend for the exterior and the interior?  Thank you! 



Wade Replies:


              In regards to  water stains on your fabric ceiling material .  I would recommend using good old bleach.  This can be a messy job and you will want to cover or remove items under your stains such as your dinette cushions so you don’t drip any solution on them.   I would than mix up a 40/60 mix of bleach and water in a spray bottle, spray the water stain, getting the area moist and let it sit until dry. Than repeat until the stain is gone.  As far as your exterior, your coach sounds like a good candidate for our RV Finish Rejuvenator with Wax.  I would recommend our kit that includes the proper tools you will need to do this project yourself.   Remember you will be working with several different finishes that will all react differently.  I am guessing that your rig is white with a brown or gold painted band around the compartment areas complemented with vinyl graphics?  If so, I would only buff out the white areas.  That would be your FRP finish sidewalls and Jell coated caps.  The bottom painted panels will probably wax up ok by hand.  Your graphics are 15 years old and not much can be done to make them look good at this point… 

I hope this helps, happy RVing!