Yellow Motorhome & a Bottle of Rum –

Rick Writes-

Hi Wade-

We have a 2003 Dolphin LX motor home that has a gel coat roof and end caps and FRP side panels.  The FRP panels have gone yellow from the UV exposure here in Florida.  The end caps and roof still come back shiny white with wax and buffing.  Do you have a product that will bring back the white on FRP?  Wax and buffing doesn’t do it.


Leesburg, FL


Wade Replies-


             I have good news and bad news!  Its only good news if you like yellow,  because unless you paint your sidewalls white they are going to remain yellow!  Now, our products will defiantly shine up your yellow sides and make them a shiny yellow.  The bad news is you want your sidewalls to be white.  Just like they were before the sun induced chemical change within your FRP happened.  More good news!  You live in Florida, so you are close to some good Caribbean Rum! Drink enough of that stuff and you won’t care what color your sidewalls are…  

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help,