Mixin It Up for a Moldy Awning

Gary Writes –

Hi Wade,

We purchased the Beast after we saw your video. I have 2011 Gulfstream, and we bought the Beast because it looked like the awning was never cleaned. The inside had mold stains, but no smell. The top had dirt and grime. I followed the online instructions and mixed 6oz of cleaner with 2 gallons of water and added about 2-3oz bleach. The product was slathered on the top of the awning. Awning was rolled up and sat for 30 minutes. It was a partly sunny day in the 50’s. When opened, the top side looked noticeably cleaner while the underside remained dirty. I then slathered the underside and rolled it back up. It sat for another 30 minutes. When opened, the topside was pretty good. It could use some scrub brushing for some areas, but it was still acceptable. The underneath still had a lot of dirt and staining—although it was much cleaner. I did rinse both sides and dried them completely before rolling it back up. I plan on using the cleaner again, but wondered if I should adjust the mixture, or if you have other ideas. Should I use just a bleach/water mix and let it dry ? Please advise.

Great product BTW. I plan on using it to wash the entire coach, and will be purchasing more.


Gary S.

Wade Replies –


That’s a pretty dirty and moldy awning! If you feel it’s clean enough and the only problem left is mold I would simply bleach it. ┬áDilute bleach with water 30/ 70 mix or so. Because your awning is so bad I would apply it to both sides of your awning. Than role it up wet and just leave it for a day or two or till your next trip! This should help finish off your persistent mold issue.

Thanks for being a customer!