Do’s & Don’ts to Maintain that Duratain!

Melody Writes-

We have purchased a 2016 5th wheel and having Duratain being applied to the awning, exterior and undercarriage.

1) What products should we NEVER use to wash it with?

2) What products CAN we use to wash it with? (i.e. specialty car wash products, gels, etc.)

3) On the warranty document under awning VC-3 — “To maintain this limited warranty against black mold, an annual inspection and reapplication to awning surface is required”. How much does this cost??

Thanking you in advance for your assistance.



Wade Writes-


Congratulations on your new 5th wheel!  The one thing we don’t want you washing your rig with is “Wash and Wax!” These products are loaded with silicones that over time will build up a sticky dirt attracting film.  Silicones work well to give automobiles a quick shine but have no place on your rig.

You don’t need a specialty product to wash your RV.  Duratain BeastWashis not like a wax and will not wash off with soaps.  We recommend our Beast Wash.  All Wade Maid products are Duratain compatible and safe to use on your finish.

We would love to charge you to reapply our VC-3 to your awning however, we don’t!  All you need to do is make an appointment with us! We will schedule with you to perform this service free of charge at your selling dealer.  At the same time we will also inspect the other Duratain surfaces at no charge and re-spray if necessary.

Thank You for being a Duratain customer and welcome to our family!