By Buffer or By Hand- Rejuvenating my Southwind

Rob D. Asks-


My wife and I just purchased a used 2006 Fleetwood Southwind, 32vs.

The motorhome is in great condition and we are excited!  Doing some research, the Fleetwood Southwind product lines are full body paint starting from 2007.  My motorhome was the last year they did not have full body paint as standard.  However, it does have partial paint.

The light brown is paint but the darker brown are decals.  The decals are showing signs of oxidation and I will eventually replace them or have someone remove them and paint.  The white area is gel coating and is showing signs of oxidation.

I was planning on purchasing the RV Finish Restorer Kit.  My question is should I apply the product by hand near the decal areas and then use the buffer for the other areas (front, back and larger areas)?


Rob D.

Wade Replies-


         Congratulations on your new rig!  To get an even finish you will need to use the machine on all the white surfaces.  What I want you to do is tape off the vinyl graphics before you buff. I like to use the blue painter’s masking tape because it’s easy to remove after use.  Masking tape will protect your vinyl graphics just in case you get a little too close to the edge.  It not only protects from burning the graphics but stops the color bleeding that occurs when your wheel picks up the graphics color and stains the finish you are working with.