Not Mop and Glowing Anymore- Ohh the Oxidation Pains


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Thomas Asks:

Hello Wade,

We have a 2005 30 foot Keystone Montana model 2980RL 5th wheel that has a badly oxidized front and rear cap, with the remaining RV in a dull oxidized finish. I have attached a few photos showing the front cap oxidation/peeling areas. It looks like some kind of coating that was put on at some point by the previous owner. I emailed another competitor and he thinks that the shiny coating  (floor finish?) needs to be removed with paint thinner or be sanded off since it is peeling. We bought this used back in 2010 and the exterior was already looking like it appears now. I always gave it a wash every spring before we took it out for the camping season, but didn’t always wax it. I do not have a covered area where I could do the waxing away from the sun.

I retired this year, so now I will have the time to do some serious exterior finishing in the spring when we it ready for camping. I am looking at the different types of coatings/waxes to bring back the shine of the gelcoat finish. Some you wipe on & some you brush on and buff. I just wanted to see if you have any ideas if your product will bring back the shine to our 5th wheel. It looks like I will buffing the RV – no easy way to get the shine back. I probably gave you more information than you want, sorry about that.

Thank you,


Wade Replies:


The shiny stuff that’s peeling off is most likely an Acrylic product.  These products are sold as a wipe on shine and dealers love to use them to make RVs look shiny on their lot.  It really is a “Mop and Glow” type floor polish!  We have experimented with Acrylics but they don’t last long and not only peel but turn yellow, often looking worse in three months than they did before a proper cleaning and wax.

I would recommend a good Beast Washing with a power washer. I would not suggest sanding or using paint thinner as the chances of damaging your finish is to great.  After your rig is Beast Washed I would either get some floor wax like Mop and Glow and start wiping your rig down to match or let the other patches peel off and buff her out.

If you purchased this rig at a dealer you may want to check with them.  Dealers are typically the ones that do this type of shady stuff.  Many dealers claim to offer a warranty that lasts the life time of the coach.  I wouldn’t place any faith in this warranty but when a dealer is operating unethically they will often be more likely to help in situations like this rather than go to court and opening up a can of worms.

Remember,  “The squeaky wheel gets the grease!”