It’s A Southwind’s Sweet 16… Time to Shine ‘er Up!!

Kevin Writes:


I have a 2000 Southwind that has some pretty bad decal fade and oxidation on the fiberglass. We purchased it last spring. I am super anal about my vehicles – I have two buffers and primarily use Griots. I found your video online. My issue is that the bay doors are decals and have faded. The back cap has so much oxidation it is actually a different color of white. Can you help? I have already waxed the coach (by hand) once. Also, is it worth getting the decals replaced on a 16 year old coach? Can your product make the rest of the coach shine up?


Wade Replies:


              You have several things going on with your rig.  The good news is that at 16 years old your rig is old enough to drive herself! The bad news is that vinyl graphics have a lifespan of around 3 to 5 years max.  Once the vinyl is gone there is nothing you can do to properly bring them back to their former glory.  On the older Southwinds and Pace Arrows the factory used both single stage paints and vinyl graphics of the same colors to fool the eye.  So in places where you may think its vinyl but it may be paint.  Your caps are a fiberglass mold and your sidewalls are a FRP material that will fade differently.  Our RV Finish Rejuvenator will remove the oxidation on both the FRP and fiberglass caps however it will not remove the yellowing. 

Your decals don’t look that bad.  The compartment doors are what stand out to me. That area should be single stage paint that you may be able to buff out or repaint.  Our RV Finish Rejuvenator should really  help make your rig look better.  The spots in the gold look to be areas that have been repainted and I doubt you can do much to change that other than repaint.  If you love the rig you may look into having all the gold repainted, it would take years off the look of your rig. The chalky oxidization should easily buff off your white sidewalls with our product and a high speed buffer like the one we offer in our kit for $99.  I would not replace vinyl graphics with more vinyl.  I would update the look a bit and have a painter shoot the paint for not much more expense.