Ohh Faded Glory – err, uhh, I mean Front Cap!?!

121111-KomfortSatellite-250x187Wade Replies:


              Yes the Rejuvenator will shine up your front cap however, if you have a late model unit with a color injected cap the shine just won’t last.  These caps will just keep bleeding, we especially see this on brown and gray caps.  The only way to properly fix the problem would be to have the cap painted or replaced.  Most reputable RV manufactures and/or dealerships will fix this under warranty as it’s a known problem in the industry.  So, if your rig is still under warranty and you are seeing any kind of fading then contact them ASAP as this problem can only be solved by painting or having it totally replaced.    


John Writes:

Does the rejuvenator work on the front of travel trailers with some sun fading??

John M.