To Wax or to Rejuvenate? What’s the Difference..


Nathan Asks:

I’m wondering the difference between Rejuvenator with Wax and Wade Wax.  Also what’s the best use/purpose of each?



Wade Replies:


Wade Wax is a wax only for finishes that are in good shape.  It contains no compounds so Wade Wax will not bring back an oxidized finish.  It is however, long lasting and easy to use.  If your finish is still in great shape this is the product you will want.  I caution you, on your type of sidewalls, if your finish is dull Wade Wax will not bring back the shine and will leave a streaky looking finish. Our RV Finish Rejuvenator with Wax is a one-step compound with wax.  It’s for easily bringing back a shine and contains a carnauba wax.  Carnauba works better on damaged surfaces as it sits on top and won’t soak in.  Carnauba will not last as long as our Wade Wax formula though.

I hope this helps,

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