It’s Primetime to Make My 2011 Shine

Wade Replies –


Your Primetime RV is a FRP sidewall with Vinyl graphics.  Your graphics will probably not polish up if faded badly.  With a little work and our rejuvenation kit you should be able to shine up your side walls. Our $99 kit should provide  you with what you need.  You will never get a high gloss shine out of your FRP as its not a 130624-Finish-Restorer-Kit--250x178painted finish but with a little practice and some elbow grease  you can make your finish look a lot better.  The kit contains one bottle of product.  I would think that should be enough product for a 24′ however Murphy’s law will probably come in play and you will need just a little bit more! 

I would start off with the kit and see how it goes.


Mike Writes –

  • Make  Primetime
  • Model Tracer 24 foot
  • Year    2011

This camper was bought used and never had any wax applied to the gel coat.   How many bottles would I need to restore the entire camper?   Can I do this outside ?