Hose or Pressure Washing, It’s A Beast Washin Good Time

Wade Replies – Roof-Cleaning


               You can use either method to wash your RV.  It just depends on your situation.  The important factor is to not let the soap dry on your rig.  Also, be sure when rinsing with a hose or power washer to spray from front to rear, washing the top portion first.  RVs are designed to go down a freeway forward so their vents, moldings and such are ready to be hit with rain and stuff from that direction. 

Think of your RV as a home that has to withstand a earthquake and hurricane at the same time!

The garden hose nozzle you use will be your personal preference.  I like a gun trigger sprayer style so I can change my spray pattern as needed.

Have fun!


Todd Asks –bus de noche

I just ordered your Beast Wash and I have a question about using the pressure washer. Can the cleaning be done with a regular garden hose or will it require a pressure washer? Also, is there a certain type of nozzle to use so as to not damage the Motorhome roof our side walls?