The What’s and Why’s of Wade Wax?

Marty Asks:

Good Morning,

What would have to be done to a 5th wheel if you wanted to use “Wade Wax” (WW) that has already been waxed?  What happens if WW gets on rubber trim pieces?  What kind of UV protection does WW have?  Will one (16oz) bottle of WW cover a 37’ 5th wheel (37’ x 8’ x 13’ 3” tall)?  Sorry for all the questions, but at $50/bottle your not the most economical wax application.


Wade Replies:


I like your questions!

If your 5th wheel was waxed less than three months ago I would wait to wax her.  Most waxes last about three months so why do more work than you have to?  Wade Wax is considered a “once a year wax” however its longevity will greatly depend on the environment it’s exposed to.

Wade Wax is a polymer blend containing a bunch of good stuff making it strong and easy to use.  However if you get it on any porous surfaces it could stain them.

Wade Wax is loaded with UV protection.  In fact, so much UV protection is in Wade Wax that just opening the bottle will turn a sunny day into night! I may have exaggerated that last statement but we have as much UV protectant that we can get in the formula with out changing the look of your RV when you use the product.  I don’t get overly excited about UV additives as they are over sold and can only do so much.  Think of a Lifeguard’s nose smeared with white Zinc.  The best protection from UV damage ultimately is to keep your RV out of the sun.

One bottle of our Wade Wax, if used properly, will cover your unit several times as long as your finish is in good shape.  If you have any fading then the product will soak in and you will go through several bottles.