Awning Got Ya Yawning? That that Thing Nice and Clean!!

Wade Replies:


There is really nothing fun about cleaning your awning.  Most people try scrubbing, but that’s just not possible without support above or below the awning fabric.  So the Beast Wash and bleach method works best.  Don’t be in a hurry after rolling up your awning as we want the products to sit and soak.  Shelf life will depend.  If you keep the product out of extreme heat and cold Beast Wash will last several years.


See the Video Here:  https://youtu.be/jmC6vKL4IdU

Charles Asks:

I’m considering the Beast Wash for cleaning my trailers awning. I have not enjoyed this task in the past, and your video intrigued me. Can you tell me how long the shelf life is on this product? Thank you in advance.