Decamper Needs Some Restoring Love!

Wade Replies – 


I bought a trailer just like that once.  I would recommend a good washing with Beast Wash.  After she is Beast Washed and dry work with your white finish using Wade wax.  I think the restorer will be too harsh in your case.  This will be easy.  Just use the Wade Wax like a compound working the product with a damp towel until you see a shine.  Than wipe of any extra with a dry towel.  You will  find your sweet spot and this will become a rewording process.


CB Asks – 

     Wade Wax

Hello, I’m fixing up an old DeCamp travel trailer, I think it’s painted white on aluminum but the white paint is chalking off. The previous owner tried to remove the red accent stripe and did not finish the job. I’ll likely paint that area.

I’m wondering if I can just purchase the restoring stuff from the vintage restoration video to use to fix up the white, or if I need to wash/scrub the camper first (or just rinse dry?) and THEN use that product. Also, will the product cover minor scrapes and rub marks or will they just be polished and part of the finish? Thanks for your help!