No Ghosts in Our Wolf Pack – Will Rejuvenator be a Ghost Buster?

Wade Replies – 


RV Finish Rejuvenator with Wax will help you remove the oxidization that has occurred over time.  Our product will greatly reduce the ghost graphics you will see once the vinyl is removed.  You will not be able to completely eliminate the ghost graphic as you are now effectively dealing with two different finishes in different stages of their life.

Thanks for asking,


Samantha Asks –

Hi. We have a 2007 Cherokee Wolfpack 18DFWP front loader toy-hauler by Forest River. I want to remove the old graphics. When I remove them, underneath the graphics won’t be as faded as the rest of the wall…so my question is, will your RV finish Rejuvenator with Wax make the whole side wall look the same again, or will I still see where the old graphics were?

Thanks – Samantha