Everyone was Forrest Fighting (na na na na na na na) There’s Scratches Down My Siding!!

Cory Asks – 


I recently came across a tree that was sticking out in the road and unfortunately I was unable to avoid clipping it with my RV.  The only damage I sustained was scratches along the side.   They don’t seem to be to deep but I did attempt to use a 3M product with no joy.  Will your product remove the scratches without damaging the clear coat or graphics?  Also, do you think it can remove the scratches from the graphics as they are almost like a bumper sticker material?  I have a Porter Cable Orbital buffer with a 5.25 inch light/medium cutting pad on it.  Should I use a heavier cutting pad?



2016 Forest River Work and Play

Color: Harley Orange


Wade Replies: 


You can remove or at least reduce most of your scratching.  I did see some areas where you scratched through the paint but it looks to be very minor.  Your vinyl graphics have a very thin finish.  You will be able to remove any surface scuffing using our product by hand but you will not be able to remove any scratch that has penetrated the vinyl’s finish.  Do not use a buffer on any vinyl graphics, work these areas by hand.  The scratches and scuffs on your painted surfaces will buff out nicely.  I would start by hand and then use a machine on the stubborn areas.  I would recommend our $99. Kit as it will include the proper pad and a high speed buffer.  Your orbital wont work with compounds.

I hope this helps,