Wade Waxin’ Duratain Lastin’

Daylan Asks:

I watched a video on your web site where you used beast wash for an extremely dirty RV and used a pressure washer. I am wondering if Beast wash can be used like regular soap just to do a regular washing? My RV is not very dirty at all so I suppose I could just use Dawn but I wanted to ask your opinion. Also, I wanted to ask about Wade Wax, I saw where you said that waxing once per year will double the life of the Duratain, is Wade wax what you would recommend?

Thank you!!


Wade Replies:


Yes, you can use Beast Wash as a regular soap but because your RV is Duratained you won’t need to wash with soap very often.  Most of the time cold water and a soft wash brush will be all you need.  The exception would be during bug season. If its really buggy out then you will want to use some of our Bug and Animal Remover to remove those bugs.

  As far as waxing, yes, Wade Wax is your best bet.  Its easy to use and will help lengthen the life of your Duratain finish.  How often it is done depends on the type of environment you use and store you coach in, but once or twice a year should do it. 

Thank You for being a Duratain customer and for asking.