A Speedy Fix to Your Cheetah Roof- Removing Black Spots

Russ Asks:

How do you remove the black spots on my RV roof?


Wade Replies:           


That’s a great question.  I’m going to assume your RV has a Rubber roof.  If so, the spots could be anything from mold, sap, or liken. That is unless you have a Safari Cheetah Motor-home, everybody knows Cheetahs have spots! To clean your roof I would carefully power wash with Beast Wash, see video’s. Once clean take a spray bottle with a bleach water mix of (20/80 or less.)  Spray on and let dry.  You may need to repeat several times to remove all your spots.  Your most likely problem is mold so this will whiten and make your roof look new once again.  If this works for your situation then make it a once a year process and you should be spot free.  The exception would be if you are dealing with either sap or a Cheetah.  To remove sap you will need to use a solvent based cleaner such as Paint Thinner. Pour the product on an old rag and work the sap off using the rag. Do NOT pour the product on the roof, and only use the rag for cleaning and NOT a blade or putty knife. Using solvents to clean your roof material can shorten its life, so use caution. After the sap is removed consider getting a cover or moving the RV so you don’t have to repeat this process to often.

As far as removing spots from a Cheetah, I think everybody knows the answer to that question.