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Works Great? Don’t change it!

Gary Asks:

Good Morning!  We are purchasing a 2019 Redwood Fifth wheel in the coming weeks, and are having the Duratain Protections applied. I had a couple questions, On our older RV we always used Wet N Forget on the roof, And has served us well keeping cleaning to a minimal once a year chore as far as the roof goes, Is there a roof product you recommend or can we continue to use Wet N forget? Thank you

Wade Responds:

               Thank you for purchasing Duratain!  I am not familiar with the product you mentioned, however if this works for you than I would keep with it.  Duratain products do not get applied to the roof of your RV so their will be no issues for us.  Congratulations on your new RV and remember to please ask us any time you have a questions regarding Duratain.

Welcome to our family!


Let Your Roof be Your Dirty Little Secret

Andrew Asks:

I have a 2017 Grand Design Solitude 5th wheel rubber roof. I have washed the roof and it looks pretty good. There are black streaks that seem to follow the supports that go across left to right. What is the best, without damaging the rubber to remove these streaks?

Wade Responds:


In your case I think cleaning these marks off your rubber roof will cause more harm than good.  As long as you have removed the surface dirt and grime I wouldn’t worry about it. Scrubbing or using solvent based cleaners on your roof material will only shorten your roofs lifespan and probably only marginally remove the staining. I only recommend a good roof cleaning once a year. After that cleaning, keep off your roof.  I see too many coaches damaged and folks hurt by being up on the roof too often.   Remember only you, me and your friends with helicopters will ever know about the black streaks on your roof. 

Your secret is safe with me!   



Clearing up a Foggy Finish

Logan Asks:

I have a small building that has Lexan windows all around it. Whatever it is that they have been cleaning the windows with has made them foggy. I’m wondering if your product could help me get these windows cleared up for them??

Wade Responds:

Without seeing your building I can’t say for sure.  However, if your windows have surface damage then yes, our RV Finish Rejuvenator with Wax combined with a high speed buffer is your best bet for getting the glass clear once again!

Good luck



How Long Does a Wax Really Last?

Denney Asks:

If using on a automobile how long does it last before needing to be used again under normal conditions?

Wade Responds:

If you are referring to Wade Wax, like any wax, the length of time it protects will vary.  Wade Wax is considered a “once a year wax.”  However that is just an industry term. Waxes are topical and will last between 3 to 6 months depending on environmental conditions and  care.  So, how does the industry come up with calling it a “once a year wax”?  Well, they give the longest number that would be true in a perfect environment such as a museum.   So, if you plan to keep your automobile in a museum, then you will only need to worry about waxing once a year.  But if you are like the rest of us then you will want to use Wade every 3 to 4 months.

Hope this helps,


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