Let Your Roof be Your Dirty Little Secret

Andrew Asks:

I have a 2017 Grand Design Solitude 5th wheel rubber roof. I have washed the roof and it looks pretty good. There are black streaks that seem to follow the supports that go across left to right. What is the best, without damaging the rubber to remove these streaks?

Wade Responds:


In your case I think cleaning these marks off your rubber roof will cause more harm than good.  As long as you have removed the surface dirt and grime I wouldn’t worry about it. Scrubbing or using solvent based cleaners on your roof material will only shorten your roofs lifespan and probably only marginally remove the staining. I only recommend a good roof cleaning once a year. After that cleaning, keep off your roof.  I see too many coaches damaged and folks hurt by being up on the roof too often.   Remember only you, me and your friends with helicopters will ever know about the black streaks on your roof. 

Your secret is safe with me!