Works Great? Don’t change it!

Gary Asks:

Good Morning!  We are purchasing a 2019 Redwood Fifth wheel in the coming weeks, and are having the Duratain Protections applied. I had a couple questions, On our older RV we always used Wet N Forget on the roof, And has served us well keeping cleaning to a minimal once a year chore as far as the roof goes, Is there a roof product you recommend or can we continue to use Wet N forget? Thank you

Wade Responds:

               Thank you for purchasing Duratain!  I am not familiar with the product you mentioned, however if this works for you than I would keep with it.  Duratain products do not get applied to the roof of your RV so their will be no issues for us.  Congratulations on your new RV and remember to please ask us any time you have a questions regarding Duratain.

Welcome to our family!