Sorry to Burst Your Bubble

Aaron Asks:

How effective is the beast wash in a foam cannon?

Wade Responds:

               There is no reason you can not use Beast Wash in a foam cannon.  However, what is the purpose of this?  Aerating the soap to make bubbles will not help clean your RV.  It will only make a bubble show that seems to bring out the child in us, I know I enjoy a good bubble show.  The problem is that our environment does not.  Soaps that produce lots of bubbles also contain high levels of PH.  Hi PH levels in our water system makes it difficult for fish and other marine life to breath.  Higher PH does not increase the cleaning levels of soap.   Because of this, we at Wade Maid keep Beast Washes PH levels low thus keeping bubbles to a minimum.   I am also not a fan of spraying any soap directly on your RV.  Often you can not work with the soap quickly enough to be effective, end up wasting product or worse yet damage your finish.  My preferred method is to mix  your cleaning solution in a bucket.  Mix the soap with water and use a wash brush to wash small sections of your coach at a time and always remember to rinse often. 

So if you want foamy bubbles purchase a bubble maker grab a silly hat and do a silly dance! If you want to play with a cannon join the Navy!

Great question, thanks for asking