We’re Sick of Those Streaks

Pat Asks:

Best way to clean it up a little? Just to even out color a little?

Wade Responds:


               There are several things you can try to do to clean your Silver Streak up. I would first wash her with Beast Wash full strength.  Be sure to get the trailer wet and don’t let the product run down the sides. This will help remove the oxidation. Be careful to not let any cleaners run down the side of your anodized gold stripe as you can ruin this finish. Keep your trailer wet and rinse often.  If you do this you can get a fairly good clean satin look to your aluminum. I would then follow up with our Water Spot Remover to help remove rust and dark marks that Beast Wash did not remove. Water Spot Remover contains Muriatic Acid so wear gloves and eye protection and keep it off your gold stripe. 

Beast Wash will neutralize the Water Spot Killer so be sure to rinse Beast Wash off  before trying to use the Water Spot Killer. I also recommend  a lite Beast Washing after using Water Spot Killer. This will neutralize and remove any extra Water Spot Killer. By working with these 2 products and doing a little experimenting you should be able to get that old girl looking a lot better.


Pat Responds:

Thanks for your quick response…. A couple of questions.  How long should I leave the full strength beast wash on before rinsing off?

And the gold strip is actually gold painted over an unknown surface. I have never tried to strip it.  Will that make a difference and do I just tape that area off to keep the beast wash off if needed?

Thanks, Pat

Wade Responds:


        You just wash and rinse normally. It’s important to not let the product dry on the side of your RV and be sure to always rinse well.  As far as your gold strips, taping them off may help prevent streaking, it’s worth a try!