WOW, it Really Works!

Carol Asks:

For cleaning RV carpet in your video you used WOW cleaner. Is that the best type of cleaner and why? Where can that be purchased? Thank you for your video’s and expertise.

Wade Responds:


           WOW is our Superior Interior Cleaner!  We originally created this product strictly as a leather cleaner. The idea was to use  a more natural product, like citrus oils, to reduce the risk of damaging a natural material such as Leather.  We figured why not clean nature with nature.  However, when testing the product on various materials we found ourselves saying over and over WOW this works great on multiple different surfaces, hence the silly name.  WOW works as a good carpet cleaner removing most organic stains while leaving little reside. This is important as soap residue will attract dirt and if left in your carpets or fabric they will just keep getting dirty.  We also did not load WOW with unnatural scents that can overpower you when cleaning in small spaces such as your RV.  The same methods that I use in the video can be done with other cleaners, but you will want to be careful to pull all the soap off of the area you are cleaning. 

WOW is only available on our website.

Thanks for asking,