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No More Water Spots!

Bob Asks:

We have a 2018 Tiffin Phaeton that we had Duratain applied on April 2018. Can I use a waterless wash to maintain the coach? When I use water I get water spots as it dries so fast, especially on the black and maroon colors.

Wade Responds:


             First let me thank you for being a Duratain customer! To simply answer your question, YES, you can use a waterless wash to clean you new Phaeton motorhome.  Dark colors on a RV look great! Well, when clean, they look great, but they show everything from little water spots to the smallest of chips.  I also own a dark coach that I travel around the country with, so I do understand.  We make a product called Spit Shine that we developed for  RV  owners like you and me.  It’s loaded with lifters so it won’t scratch your finish, contains a little lite wax to leave a shine and you really only need 2 towels, one damp and one dry to clean.  That’s all I use to wash my Duratained coach.  The only additional cleaning product that I use is our Bug and Animal Remover. I use this product to remove any bugs off my front cap if needed before the Spit Shine because it cannot remove bugs. 

If you send me your Duratain contract number, located on the top front left hand corner of your contract, I will have the office send you out a complimentary bottle of Spit Shine.  This is the best product to use on your Duratain finish.

Please write back and let me know how you like it!



Cleaning Upholstery the Right Way

Sharon Asks:

I watched your video on how to clean carpets. I’m looking for how to clean upholstery (fabric sofa). We just bought a used 2007 Fleetwood Yukon and the sofa is light colored . I tried to clean it with my Bissell carpet cleaner upholstery attachments and Bissell carpet cleaner. I thought I extracted the soap & water but once it dried it looked worse. A brownish hue appeared all over the sofa…YUK! I don’t know if it was the foam padding under the upholstery was aged or stained and it came up to the fabric. Any suggestions? Do you think your WOW product would help? Thx Sharon

Wade Responds:


 Great question!  My answer to are you are doing it wrong? Yes, Sharon you are!  Sorry to be so blunt with you, but I have been RVing with my wife for the past week and have not been able to say, “You’re doing it wrong” one time.  So thank you for helping me get that off my chest!  Now let’s see if I can help you.

Cleaning upholstery can be frustrating.  If you are using an Extractor,  first apply your cleaning solution by hand, either with a spray bottle or a towel in a bucket of solution.  Next, lightly massage the solution on the area you are working. Be careful not to push down on the cushion.  You don’t want to get the cleaner absorbed into the cushion. Finally,  extract using only clean rinse water in the machine. The most important part of this process is to be careful and lift away from the cushions when vacuuming up your cleaning solution or you will pull the dirt out of the cushion into the fabric.  This is hard to do around the tight corners and edging of the cushions.  So those areas should be cleaned by hand. 

To clean by hand, use a towel or sponge soaked in your solution bucket. Using your solution towel  gently massage the area to be cleaned.  Then follow up with a bucket of clean water and a wet towel.  Use the wet towel to rinse and wipe off the dirt and soap on the upholstery, don’t press down on the cushion or you will push up dirt in the padding.  Then just let it dry.  I like to place a fan in the room as air movement will help speed up this process. 

In some cases you may be able to unzip the upholstery and remove it from the cushion. If this is possible, you can then simply place the covers in your washing machine on gentle cold wash,  using regular laundry detergent.  Don’t place in dryer.

Either way WOW is a great cleaner for this job as it is a strong safe cleaner with a slight orange smell and will leave little residue. With a little patience and some trial and error I think you will do great!

Hope this helps, good luck!


Rejuvenation: is it Worth it?

Paul Asks:

I’m interested in the The Rejuvenation Kit for my 2004 motor home as I’m getting it ready for sale. Do you have a sample I can try before spending $140? Product looks promising but I’m not totally convinced.

Wade Responds:


            That’s a fair question and I understand your hesitation.  I too would think twice before purchasing a kit online that promises an easy solution to all my problems. This is not something we can send out a sample of and I cannot offer a guarantee. If you give me more information on your RV Make and model and send in some photos I can pretty much tell you if our kit will help you or not. RVs have many different finishes and not all of them can be buffed out so its smart on your part to ask. I would like to say that our RV Finish Restorer Kit is only $99, and is a great value considering you get product, a buffer and the correct buffing pad to do the work with. I unfortunately can not do anything about shipping costs or taxes. We also do not make any money on the shipping so click around and find the cheapest option for your area.

Thanks for asking,

Wade Weiss


Simple Solution to your Outside Oxidation

Holt Asks:

I have a 2001 Aluminum sided lance truck camper. Mostly stored outside. Looking to remove oxidation and provide a wax to the surface. Recommendations ??? 

Wade Responds:

            Believe it or not I would simply recommend our Wade Wax. When working with painted aluminum I do not recommend using compounds because the finish is just too thin and easy to damage. That’s not to say it’s a bad finish. In fact it’s probably the best finish used in the RV market to date.  I want you to use Wade Wax by hand. However, instead of letting the product dry to a haze as we recommend in the directions. I want you to apply the product with your applicator sponge to a small area, say a 6″-1′ square area. Then, before the product dries, quickly polish the area out with a dry towel until you see a dry clean shine.  If you have black streak staining first wash your camper with Beast Wash. For the stubborn black streaks pour Beast Wash onto a towel and apply it directly to the stains.  You should be able to easily rub them out.

I hope this helps,



Brighten up Your Boat

Jim Asks:

What should I use to bring the dull blue colour on my boat back to life and where can I get this product in Canada, around Sarnia ,Ontario.

Wade Responds:


           Your boats dull finish can be brought back to life with our Rejuvenation kit!  Its some work but if you’re dealing with an original gelcoat finish this will do the trick. You are in luck I have a video, Restoring Faded RV Fiberglass Finish With Buffer, and I speak Canadian so you will be able to understand me.  I know, I’m a man of many talents.


PS the kit is available on our website and we do ship to Canada.

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