Simple Solution to your Outside Oxidation

Holt Asks:

I have a 2001 Aluminum sided lance truck camper. Mostly stored outside. Looking to remove oxidation and provide a wax to the surface. Recommendations ??? 

Wade Responds:

            Believe it or not I would simply recommend our Wade Wax. When working with painted aluminum I do not recommend using compounds because the finish is just too thin and easy to damage. That’s not to say it’s a bad finish. In fact it’s probably the best finish used in the RV market to date.  I want you to use Wade Wax by hand. However, instead of letting the product dry to a haze as we recommend in the directions. I want you to apply the product with your applicator sponge to a small area, say a 6″-1′ square area. Then, before the product dries, quickly polish the area out with a dry towel until you see a dry clean shine.  If you have black streak staining first wash your camper with Beast Wash. For the stubborn black streaks pour Beast Wash onto a towel and apply it directly to the stains.  You should be able to easily rub them out.

I hope this helps,