Rejuvenation: is it Worth it?

Paul Asks:

I’m interested in the The Rejuvenation Kit for my 2004 motor home as I’m getting it ready for sale. Do you have a sample I can try before spending $140? Product looks promising but I’m not totally convinced.

Wade Responds:


            That’s a fair question and I understand your hesitation.  I too would think twice before purchasing a kit online that promises an easy solution to all my problems. This is not something we can send out a sample of and I cannot offer a guarantee. If you give me more information on your RV Make and model and send in some photos I can pretty much tell you if our kit will help you or not. RVs have many different finishes and not all of them can be buffed out so its smart on your part to ask. I would like to say that our RV Finish Restorer Kit is only $99, and is a great value considering you get product, a buffer and the correct buffing pad to do the work with. I unfortunately can not do anything about shipping costs or taxes. We also do not make any money on the shipping so click around and find the cheapest option for your area.

Thanks for asking,

Wade Weiss